Mary Candace Raygoza


Professional Overview: 

Associate Professor of Education 

Single Subject Teacher Education


Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles, 2017

M.Ed. University of California, Los Angeles, 2011

B.A. University of California, Berkeley, 2009


Scholarly Interests

Mathematics learning, teaching, and teacher education; Urban mathematics education; Teaching mathematics for social justice; Critical mathematics; Critical and culturally relevant mathematics pedagogy; Pedagogies of social change; Teaching about (in)equity; Critical educational theory; Educational equity; Democratic education; Public education; Students, teachers, and communities organizing for educational justice; Transformative school change; Youth participatory action research



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Raygoza, M.C., Norris, A., & León, R. (2021). Unhidden: The voices of teacher education scholars on disrupting, transforming, and healing toward an antiracist world. Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education, Special Issue 2021, pp. 76-103. doi:

Raygoza, M.C., Viola, M, Klein, E. & León, R. (2020). From Private Struggle to Parentscholar Solidarity: Collective Organizing During a Pandemic to Humanize the Academy. Transcontinental Human Trajectories, No. 8. doi: 10.25965/trahs.3122

Raygoza, M.C. (2020). “Transformative Resistance in Mathematics” Book chapter in High School Mathematics Lessons to Explore, Understand, and Respond to Social Injustice. Corwin Press.

Raygoza, M.C. and Gorrin, L. (2020). “Learning Statistics for Social Context: “BBQ Becky,” Policing, and Racial Justice in Oakland” Book chapter in High School Mathematics Lessons to Explore, Understand, and Respond to Social Injustice. Corwin Press.

Raygoza, M.C., León, R., Lee, C., Junsay, C., Norris, A., & Niermann, G. (2020). Social justice in teacher education: It’s not just a course. In CCTE SPAN 2020 Research Monograph (pp. 86-99). San Francisco, CA: California Council on Teacher Education.

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Raygoza, M.C. (2020). Coping with School Closures as Student Teachers: Self-Compassion, Surrender, and Action.  [paper].

Raygoza, M.C. (2020). COVID-19, Exponential Growth, and the Power of Showing Up in Social Solidarity: The Math Behind the Virus.

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Raygoza, M. C. (2017). Teaching About Economic Inequality in United States Secondary Mathematics Classrooms. UCLA. ProQuest ID: Raygoza_ucla_0031D_15759. Merritt ID: ark:/13030/m5dr7psx.

Raygoza, M. C. (2016). Striving Toward Transformational Resistance: Youth Participatory Action Research in the Mathematics Classroom. Journal of Urban Mathematics Education9(2).

Raygoza, M.C. (2016). Counting the experiences and beliefs of secondary teachers striving to teach mathematics for social justice in urban schools. Urban Education. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/0042085916672289

Rubel, L., Lim, V., Full, M.C., & Hall-Wieckert, M. (2015). Critical pedagogy of place in mathematics: Texts, tools, and talk. Proceedings of the Eighth International Mathematics Education and Society Conference. Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, USA.

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Full, M. C. (2011). “Math is a powerful tool”: Youth participatory action research in Algebra 1. Center XChange: Transforming Public Schools, University of California, Los Angeles. IPSW001-X060-2011.

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