JCL: Single Subject Teacher Education Minor 4+1 


What is a single-subject credential? A single subject credential enables you to teach middle or high school subject matter.

What subject can I teach with a single subject credential? We offer a Single Subject Teaching Credential in 8 subjects:

  • Art
  • English
  • History-Social Science
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • World Language

What is unique about this program? This is an accelerated program that enables you to start courses while you are an undergraduate. So, you are able to get a teaching credential and Masters in your fifth year.

How do I declare this minor? First meet with your advisor from your major department to discuss your course plan. Next, meet with a JCL advisor to confirm the course plan with the minor and ensure you are on the SS4+1 listserve to receive information about courses, co-curricular activities, and field placements.

If I am a current SMC student, do I still need to apply to the credential program? Yes, there is an online application process for graduate school in your senior year. In the application you write a statement of professional goals, provide a resume and three recommenders.

What are field experience courses? These are courses that place you in school settings.

Why do I take JCL courses? Saint Mary’s is committed to fostering transformative teachers to work in the racially, ethnically, linguistically, and economically diverse communities in California. JCL offers a social justice curriculum immersed in critical pedagogy and work in community.

When are courses offered? Check with your major advisor about those courses. Here is the schedule for the minor:

Spring First Year: Edu 20

Every semester: JCL 10, JCL 125, JCL 140 (or JCL 163)

Fall only: JCL 120

Spring only: JCL 130, JCL 150

Jan term Sophomore/Junior Year: Edu 122

How do my courses align with the undergraduate Core Requirements?

JCL 10 American Diversity, Common Good, Community Engagement

EDU 20 Community Engagement

JCL 120 Social Cultural Historical

JCL 130 Common Good, Community Engagement

JCL 140 Global Perspectives

JCL 150 Community Engagement

What are the program and credential admission requirements for the fifth year?

Teacher Education concentration fifth year requirements:

Documentation of meeting the Basic Skills Requirement (BSR)  by ONE of the following:

  1. CBEST
  2. CSET Multiple Subject subtests I (101), II (102), and III (103) plus Writing Skills subtest IV(142)
  3. SAT • Math => 550 and Critical Reading =>500
  4. ACT • Math =>23 and English =>22
  5. Advanced Placement • Calculus or Statistics Math =>3 and English =>3
  6. CSU Placement Exam (Entry Level Math =>50 and English Placement =>151)
  7. CSU Early Assessment Program (Math and  English = ‘College Ready’ or ‘Exempt’ designation)

Documentation of meeting the Subject Matter Competence Requirement by ONE of the following:

1. CSET Subject Area (ONE of the following options)

  • Subtests 1-2 for Science, Math Foundational
  • Subtests 1-3 for Soc Sci, Language, Art, PE, Math (not foundational), and Science (not foundational)
  • Subtests 1-4 English


2.  Subject Matter Preparation Program documentation of completion

In addition:

  • Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Certificate of clearance including LiveScan fingerprints
  • Statement of professional goals and resume included with your application
  • Evidence of health insurance (or a signed waiver)
  • Results of a tuberculin test (within the last two years). SMC Health Center provides this service
  • Interview with Admission Coordinator
  • Attend mandatory Teacher Education orientation
  • Transcript verifying completed Baccalaureate degree.
  • Preliminary credential coursework with a B or better in each course.
  • Taskstream account fee $50

Preliminary teaching credential requirements Spring Term of 5th year:

  • Final transcripts verifying Baccalaureate degree
  • edTPA passing score
  • Verification of knowledge of U.S. Constitution by exam or course (History 17 meets this requirement)
  • Verification of  CPR (Adult, Infant and Child)