Master of Arts in Teaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the focus of the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)? 
The Master of Arts in Teaching is a graduate program designed specifically for teachers who want to enhance their understanding of teaching, learning, and subject matter in the PreK-12 classroom. The program is grounded in individualized, inquiry-based learning, and can be completed either entirely during summer terms or during the summer and the school year. During the program, you will develop a set of guiding questions about a content area of your choosing, collect multiple resources that deepen your knowledge of that content, investigate research on teaching and learning in specific subject areas, and submit a Capstone Project that integrates your new knowledge and resources. You will also expand the breadth of your knowledge through a choice of elective courses. Courses combine on-campus class sessions with video conferencing and online work. Capstone projects by graduates can be viewed at:

How long is the Master’s program?
The program can be completed in as little as eight months, or during summers only.

How many units comprise the MAT Program?
For Saint Mary’s College students:
There are a total of 12 units of required SMC courses plus the units accepted from your SMC credential. 

Multiple Subject: 36 MSTE credential units+12 MAT units=48 units 
Single Subject: 35 SSTE credential units+12 MAT units=47 units
Education Specialist: 33 SPED  credential units+12 MAT units=45 units

For non-Saint Mary’s College students:
There are 15 units of required SMC courses plus 15 units accepted from the credential program you completed for a total of 30 units

When can I start the program?
The term begins each Summer.

How much does each semester unit cost?
Current tuition per semester unit is found on the KSOE Tuition and Fees website.

Is financial aid available?
Financial aid information is available on the KSOE Financial Aid Information webpage, and at the Saint Mary's College Financial Aid Office, or 925-631-4370

How long does the program take to complete? 
Under the accelerated schedule, you can complete the program in as little as 8 months by taking the first three core courses in the summer and the final courses in the subsequent terms. This accelerated schedule is recommended only if you can devote the entire first summer to your work in the MAT. For most students, we recommend that you begin with MAIT 401 and 402 the first summer, and then complete the remaining courses, including your Capstone Project, in later terms. You have up to 5 years to complete the program once you have started. 

Where are classes held?
All class are held on the Saint Mary’s College campus in Moraga.

When are the classes held?
Classes are held between 4:00 and 10:00 PM, Mondays – Thursdays. Most classes meet for 2 3/4 hours once a week. Occasionally some classes meet on Saturdays, but usually only once or twice a semester.

What are the admission requirements? 
The MAT is open to those who have earned a California teaching credential (Single Subject, Multiple Subject, or Special Education). 

To apply: 

Priority deadline for applications is March 1st. All students who apply by the priority deadline are eligible for any applicable scholarships. 
Late applications accepted until May 1.

Do I need to take the GRE?
No you do not need to take the GRE. We look at the applicants as a holistic learner and what your life, work and academic experiences have been.

Program of Study:

  • Summer courses run from the beginning of June to the end of July or beginning of August.
  • MAIT 401 & 402 must be taken concurrently; MAIT 403 must be completed before taking MAIT 404
Course Term/s Schedule Focus

MAIT 401:

Introduction to Inquiry

(1 unit)


2 Saturdays

7 hours/day

  • Choose subject area and topic:
  • Develop guilding questions:
  • Learn how to read educational research
  • Use library ddatabases
  • Write guilding questions

MAIT 402:

Content Knowledge

(3 units)


One 5-hour class/week for 6 weeks

plus 1.5 hours/week online

  • Deepen knowledge of selected topic and content area
  • Begin to answer guilding questions
  • Explore contemporary issues in education
  • Create Content Resource Collection

MAIT 403:

Pedagogical Knowledge

(3 units)



One 5-hour class/week for 6 weeks

plus 1.5 hours/week online

  • Deepen pedagogical content knowledge
  • Explore educational theories
  • Investigate research on subject-area learning and teaching
  • Develop ideas for Capstone Project
  • Write Literature Review

MAIT 404:

Capstone Project

(2 units)




Three 4-hour class sessions

plus 4 hours online

  • Prepare Capstone Project
  • Meet in-class and online with instructor and peers
  • Complete final presentation including Program Reflection 

Electives: (3 units)

  • 3 units of electives required for SMC credential students
  • 6 units of electives required for non-SMC credential students




Can be taken any term

including before taking MAIT 401

Rotating electives; see website for specific topics:



 How can I obtain more information about the program?


KSOE Admissions at