Promoting SMC Values in the Philippines

David Chua ’89 answers easily when asked if he had a faculty member serve as a mentor during his time at Saint Mary’s College. In fact, he had two mentors: former Professor Nushi Safinya and former Dean Tom Brown. 

Today, Chua is the president of Cathay Pacific Steel Corporation in the Philippines and vice chairman of the advisory board of the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company. “My Saint Mary’s business degree prepared me when I started my career, and the Seminar programs gave me excellent perspectives in dealing with challenges,” he said. “I greatly appreciate the high quality of education I received, the good leadership opportunities at the International Club, the tight-knit student body, and the great alumni networking.” 

The values of integrity, hard work, and being there for others have guided Chua’s career and personal life. He was the former Philippine chapter chair of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and served on the Saint Mary’s School of Economics and Business Administration Advisory Board. Currently, he helps galvanize SMC alumni activities in the Philippines and assists in international student recruitment. 

This past summer, Chua hosted an event with SMC personnel in Manila for prospective Saint Mary’s students. He also met both Safinya and Brown in Napa. “These connections are priceless to me. It is my great pleasure to volunteer and assist Saint Mary’s any way I can. SMC and Manila-based alumni are family to me. Once a Gael, always a Gael!” —Michele Prisk