Three of a Kind: Saint Mary’s Remarkable Trio of RA Sisters

Ciara Pedroncelli ’12, Meghan Pedroncelli ’15, and Caila Pedroncelli ’19 are a special group of siblings: They all are (or were) SMC resident advisors. According to Dean of Students Evette Castillo Clark, this is extremely rare. “I’ve never met three siblings who served as resident advisors at one institution,” she said.

RAs at Saint Mary’s live in residence halls all year, serving as the primary contact for students new to dealing with college demands, homesickness, and communal living. Samantha Alberto ’12, MA ’19, lead residential coordinator, said that SMC’s RAs have more duties than RAs at other colleges. “Our RAs are true paraprofessionals in the residence halls.”

This level of responsibility didn’t deter the Sacramento-born Pedroncelli sisters. Caila, a politics major, said working as a Weekend of Welcome leader inspired her to become an RA. “I realized I wanted a more formal way to help and care for students, to be whatever they needed me to be,” she said.

Meghan, who is pursuing a master’s degree in speech therapy at Sacramento State, added that dealing with students’ needs as an RA helped prepare her for her current academic program.

Ciara, who graduated in accounting and is now a senior auditor with Gilbert Associates in Sacramento, recalled a Valentine’s Day program that brought students together. “To see the different groups of residents—all 50 of them—talk with each other and get along was very fulfilling,” she said. “It was gratifying knowing you created a safe space for them.” —Jackie Randazzo