Environmental Literacy

We're all in this together. 

The KSOE is committed to the values of environmental literacy, which we define as:

  • The understanding of the interactions between humans and the environment
  • The impact of human behaviors on earth
  • Focus on developing attitudes and practices that support restoration and preservation of nature

Environmental literacy is discovered by, and expressed through, the interface of math and the sciences, the social sciences, and the arts. It informs all human activities and professions. The knowledge of, and responsibility to promote, the health of the planet are essential elements of social justice, as the quality of life for all beings is interrelated with the quality of the physical environment.


We inscribe environmental literacy into all our programs.

Students and faculty have many opportunities to engage in co-curricular and research activities in this field. Our Center for Environmental Literacy and its internationally renowned signature program "River of Words," provide curriculum and professional development that promote environmental literacy through poetry and art.