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Mary Volmer is the author of two novels: Crown of Dust (Soho Press, PRH 2010) and Reliance, Illinois (Soho Press, PRH 2016). Her essays, reviews, and short stories have appeared in various publications, including Mutha Magazine, the Farallon Review, Women’s Basketball Magazine, Fiction Writers Review, Historical Novel Society Review, The New Orleans Review, Brevity, and Ploughshares.

Writing Courses Taught at Saint Mary’s College (CA)
English 025, Introduction to Creative Writing (multigenre)
English 102, Creative Writing, Fiction
English 324, Graduate Fiction Workshop
English 334, Graduate Fiction Tutorial
College Composition: Practice in Writing (Engl 003)College Composition (Engl 004) and Argument and Research (Engl 005)  
Sports Writing: The "I" in Team: an interdisciplinary fiction, creative non-fiction, and discussion course. 
​Women of the California Gold Rush: an interdisciplinary history, literature, creative writing, and women’s studies course.  

Literature and Cross-disciplinary Courses at Saint Mary’s College (CA)
Collegiate Seminar: Greek Thought (Sem 001)Roman, Early Christian, and Medieval Thought (Sem 002), Renaissance17th and 18th Century Thought (Sem 103) and 19th and Early 20th Century Thought (Sem 104); Critical Strategies and Great Questions (Sem 001), Western Traditions (Sem 002); Western Traditions (Sem 102, for transfers); Global Conversation (Sem 104).

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