Campus Climate

image of students holding end the silence poster, words in red box in front reading campus climate
This section of the 20 demands encompasses 7 demands addressing the overall Campus Climate. This page will continue to be updated.

1. Increased funding for the activities and personnel of College Community of Inclusive Excellence (CCIE). 

CCIE provided funding for Graduate Fellow 

2. Requiring all staff and administrators to be up to date on GUIDE training as a requirement for successful completion of their yearly personnel review. 

GUIDE workshops began in Fall and will continue in Spring: 2 trainings @ -50 faculty/staff per Semester 

"Facilitating the GUIDE Tier 1 sessions was much more fulfilling than I anticipated.  Gathering with colleagues on zoom last fall, it was obvious how much we all missed being in community with one another.  Thus I really loved how the GUIDE curriculum we created allowed for community building spaces to be created. Whether in small breakout rooms, or sharing our thoughts in a large group debrief, people really seemed excited to be with one another in a critically thinking and critically feeling space.  The intentional grounding exercises we opened with, as well as the variety of post-session readings and video homework helped to round out and broaden the learning for us all.  Overall, facilitating GUIDE helped remind me of the best parts of Saint Mary's College and the amazing people that make this a special place." - Legacy Lee Director of the Delphine Intercultural Center

"It was beautiful to see a sense of community through dialogue amongst staff and faculty. There is still much to be done to create the anti-racist campus that we aspire to be, but being present, actively listening, and reflection are steps we can take to realize our collective vision. GUIDE offers us the space to do this under guided facilitation." -Professor Loan Dao, Director, Ethnic Studies Program

3. Requirements for mandatory training on racism and white supremacy for all administrators, faculty, and full-time staff.

Kevin Kumashiro will provide DEI workshops for Cabinet and Deans/Associate Deans in March/April

4. Provide a clear statement articulating that there is an expectation from the President that faculty and staff must participate in GUIDE trainings/workshops.

Upcoming opportunities to collaborate with the new President, Richard Plumb

5. Provide increased investment in resources (e.g. funding, time, personnel) to properly support GUIDE Tier I trainings.

Legacy Lee began training for new GUIDE facilitators, and onboarding Kevin Kumashiro to provide critical and instrumental efforts to building a long term facilitation resource and materials

6. Requiring all faculty to be up to date on GUIDE training prior to receiving any support for professional development, consideration for promotion, participation in January Term, and/or being considered for IRB approval.

Lack of resources to meet the need of GUIDE training is still an issue, Terms are already in place as approved by the Senate and Staff Council

7. Financially invest and support a robust Campus Climate Survey process led by an outside vendor.

SMC has contracted with Rankin and Associates to conduct the fall 2021 Campus Climate survey that includes a plan and timeline for implementation.