Checkboxes, Radio Buttons and Dropdowns

Learn how to configure the Select options form component.

Select Option Configuration

  1. Review Create/Edit a form component.
  2. Create/edit a "Select options" component type.
  3. In the Options* field, you must enter the items that the user can choose from.
      Image of selection option components
  4. You must type the items like this example:

    big_cat|Big Cat


    big_dog|Big dog
  • To type the  pipe ( | ),  use  shift+the backlash ( \ ) key.  It’s located on the far right of the second row of your keyboard.
  • Whatever you put on the right side of the "|" may have spaces.  This is what the user will see in your list, checkboxes, or radio buttons.
  • Whatever you put on the left side of the "|" may not have spaces.  This is the machine name. You cannot have the same machine name more than once.
  • Here are some machine name formatting examples. All are acceptable. 

first_name|First Name
lastName|Last Name
address|Your Address
e|Primary Email Address

This is called the "key|value pair".  Whatever you put on the right side of the pipe is what the user sees. Some good news!  There are prebuilt lists available for states, countries and days of the week. 

Radio buttons:  Only one one item may be selected.  This is the default.

Checkboxes: Check "Multiple" (above the Options* box). The user may choose several items.

Dropdown menu: Scroll down to the bottom click DISPLAY and check "Listbox