View the Results

View what users have submitted.
  1. Go to your Salli Webform page.  Login to Salli (bottom left corner)
  2. Click on the "Results" tab in the top left yellow toolbar   
    If you do not see the toolbar and you are logged into Salli, Contact Web Services (Ext. 4937).
  3. The results page will display.  There is a toolbar with 5 tabs in the top right area.  Each tab allows you to view the results in a different way.
  • Submissions:
    List of records with options to View, Edit or Delete to the right of the record
  • Analysis: Explore to see if it's useful for your needs.
  • Table:
    Table view of the all the fields in all records. Click the record number in the far left column to view a specific record.
  • Download
    Choose fields and records that you want to download to Excel. 


    Uncheck "Submission Information" – you don't need those columns.  Choose the
    columns that you want to appear on your spreadsheet.

3)  Click the "Download" button. Continue through any alerts until your file is downloaded.

2) All records will be downloaded unless you check another option.

  • Clear
    Use this tab with caution. You will get an "Are you sure" alert.  If you continue with the delete, all records will be permanently removed. This is useful when you want to clear out the records when you are changing the date of your event. Make sure you download the records to your computer first.