Managing Your Financial and Staff Resources: An Overview

Whether you’re an experienced supervisor or a newcomer to the role, you may have questions about various Business Office and Human Resources processes that are essential to managing your financial and staff resources. These might include how to read and understand your budget, how to manage employee time off, steps for staffing your department, or how to initiate grade and salary reviews. While this overview workshop won’t answer all your questions, it will provide guidance on some key Business Office and HR procedures that are central to effectively managing your funding and personnel. The workshop includes a resource packet with useful documents and links to additional information. In this program, participants will:

  • Review budget elements and strategies for managing their budgets
  • Clarify requirements applying to non-exempt vs. exempt staff
  • Understand requirements for managing employee time and leaves of absence
  • Recognize what steps to take in order to fill open positions and request salary/grade reviews
  • Identify other topics of interest for future workshops:

When:             April 14, 9:30 AM—12:00 PM

Where:            Lafayette, SODA

Open to:         Supervisors and Leaders

Presenters:     S. Jamila Buckner, Dir. Recruitment,  Peter Chen, Dir. Empl. Relations & Compensation,         
                            Jeanne DeMatteo, Controller, Ann Kelly, Dir. Benefits, and Sunny Bradford, Dir. Learning &
                            Org. Effectiveness

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