Appendix A: Acknowledgment of Receipt of SMC Staff Handbook

This is to acknowledge and agree that I am entitled to access an authorized, up-to-date electronic version of the Saint Mary’s College (“College” or “Saint Mary’s”) Staff Handbook (“Handbook”) on the College’s Human Resources internet web site. I am also aware that a hard copy of the Handbook is available to me upon request to the Human Resources Department.

I agree that I am responsible for accessing, reading and understanding the Handbook, asking questions about anything in the Handbook I do not understand, and abiding by the policies contained in the Handbook and as it is amended from time to time, as a condition of my employment with the College.

I acknowledge that the Handbook may not contain every policy or employment practice of the College. I further agree that the College, in its sole discretion, may edit, change, delete or add to any policies, benefits or practices described in the Handbook at any time, and that I will be bound to those changes, except that Section 1.2 of the Handbook can not be altered except in a written communication to me that is signed by the President of the College.

I agree that nothing in the Handbook is intended to create, or should be construed to constitute, an expressed or implied contract with regard to the continuation and/or termination of my employment or the terms and conditions of my employment as described in the Staff Handbook.

I further understand that no officer, supervisor, manager or any other representative of the College, other than the President and then only in writing that is addressed to me personally, has the authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time or to make any agreement that is contrary to what is described in the Staff Handbook.

The College will provide timely notice, as appropriate, of material changes to the policies, benefits or practices described in the Handbook.

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