Performing Arts’ signature values:

  • Mentoring by faculty members who are both outstanding teachers and accomplished artists.
  • Frequent attendance at world-class dance, music, and theatre performances around the Bay Area.
  • Multiple and varied performance opportunities, beginning with the first year.
  • Challenging standards that help students achieve artistic excellence and professionalism.
  • Master classes, guest lectures and informal contact with professional artists, connecting classroom learning with the real world.
  • A welcoming and inclusive student cohort experience, in which students of all levels are supported and encouraged in their individual development.
  • Stimulating creative collaborations and intellectual exchange between programs.

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The Performing Arts Department builds creative artists with strong foundational skills and adventuresome spirits. Students receive conservatory-caliber training that prepares them for graduate studies or a career in the performing arts, while developing the critical thinking and communication skills that are the hallmark of a liberally educated person. 

All majors and minors take a sequence of courses in their chosen discipline — emphasizing performance practice, history and theory, criticism and analysis — as well as breadth courses in the other two areas. Students are also encouraged to explore interdisciplinary pathways, through classes and performance opportunities beyond their home program.

The Performing Arts Department offers four distinct majors and minors:

Bachelor of Arts in Dance 

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre: Performance and Theatre Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre: Design and Technical Theatre

The capstone of the Performing Arts degree is the senior project, for which students produce a substantial original research paper or artistic work demonstrating their command of artistic and intellectual skills appropriate to the undertaking.