Major Requirements

The following courses currently are required for students pursuing a Justice, Community and Leadership major. This major will meet many of the Core requirements for the College, making it ideal for double majors or minors. Please see a JCL advisor to discuss the range of double majors.

Lower Division (2 courses)

            --JCL 10: Introduction to Justice, Community and Leadership

            --ECON 10: Economics and Society

            --EDUC 20: Introduction to the Teaching Profession (TFT and EDU only)


Upper Division (5.25 courses)

            --JCL 120 Theory and Inquiry in Justice, Community and Leadership

            --JCL 130  Environmental Justice

            --JCL 140  The Global Community

            --JCL 150  Advanced Leadership Theory

            --JCL 196  Senior Capstone Project

            --JCL 190  Senior Assessment & Portfolio (.25 senior portfolio)



Requirements outside the program (7-10 courses):

In addition to the above courses, JCL majors meet other program requirements in conjunction with the SMC Core by selecting from a specific menu of options as they complete Core requirements. 

See the current JCL Core Menu for the most up-to-date list of acceptable courses


· Mathematical Understanding (JCL and L4+1, 1 course; EdS and TFT: 2 courses):

            Students pursuing the JCL and L4+1 options must take either

            --MATH 4 (Statistics)


            Students in the EdS and TFT concentrations must take

            --MATH 5 and

            --MATH 6

            Both MATH 5 and 6 are specially designed for future teachers.


For Education Studies and TFT only (Education Concentration students)

           --January Term Field Experience: Jan 121 (or 119 for Montessori minors)

           --Praxis courses for teaching seminar in middle schools (JCL 125) and mini math methods (JCL 124)

           --Psych 1

           --Education 144

           --US History 17/18


For TFT students only (Special Education concentration will take 3 SPED classes)

          --MSTE 253: Reading and Language Arts I

          --MSTE 345: Curriculum and Instruction -- Humanities

          --MSTE 349: Curriculum and Instruction -- Science





Liberal & Civic Studies students working with children in an underserved community

                                       Liberal & Civic Studies students working in the Legacy Garden