Allied Health Science

The Allied Health Science program combines liberal arts tradition with a multi-disciplinary scientific curriculum to give students a broad exposure to biology, chemistry, psychology, and kinesiology.

The requirements for the Allied Health Science major have been designed to fulfill common prerequisite courses for admission into most physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other allied health graduate programs.  Because of this, the curriculum is dense and pre-requisite rich.  It is imperative that students begin with a good high school preparation in mathematics and chemistry and then take college math and chemistry during their first year at SMC.  Students must take a pro-active role in their course planning, working with their FYAC advisor and the Allied Health Professions advisor, to ensure they stay on track.

With a strong employment outlook in almost all sectors of the field of human health, it is a great time to pursue a degree in Allied Health Sciences.  The AHS Bachelor of Science degree at Saint Mary’s College focuses on:

1. The scientific principles of human health.

2. Whole organisms (microbes to plants and animals) and their structure and function.

3. Multiple aspects of human health from the biological to the physical to the psychological.

This degree program can be tailored to fulfill prerequisites for a variety of graduate and professional schools and training programs including (* indicates an organic chemistry requirement, # indicates a physics requirement)::

Physical Therapy#

Occupational Therapy

Physician Assistant*#

Nurse Practitioner*

Chiropractic Medicine

Genetic Counseling*#

Health Administration

Registered Nurse


Public Health


Nuclear Medicine*#


Medical and Clinical Lab Technician*


Major Requirements

General Chemistry I (Chem 8/9)

General Chemistry II (Chem 10/11)

Calculus I (Math 27)

Stats (Math 4, recommended) or Calculus II (Math 28)

Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics (Bio 1/1L) (must be completed before Bio 2)

Organisms and Evolution (Bio 2/2L)

Human Anatomy (Bio 15/16)

Physiology (Bio 25/26)

1 UD Biology elective

1 UD Psychology elective

1 UD Kinesiology elective

3 additional UD science courses in Bio, Psych, Chem, or Kines

AHS 100 and 101 fulfill the WID requirement and one UD science elective


Upper Division Science Courses (suggested for majors)


102 Developmental biology

105 Genetics (no organic chem required)

130 Microbiology (take in Fall with Lacy, only 1 sem O Chem required)

135 Biochemistry (both semesters of O Chem required)



115 Health Psychology

140 Human Development

152 Clinical Psychology (Abnormal Psych)

158 Human Sexualities (fulfills community engagement)

160 Social Psychology

Online UD Psych Course Options

BYU: Psych 141, 147, 180, 150, 152, 160, 338



  • Prereqs for UD Kines courses include: anatomy, physiology AHS 100/101 (concurrent okay). Therefore, plan on taking UD Kines senior year which is when more students take the WID.
  • Kines Dept will have difficulty accommodating other courses because majors have priority
  • Prior to registration for UD Kines courses, get a permission to add slip from the registrar and have it signed by the prof.

102 Biomechanics (f)

107 Nutrition for Sport and Physical Activity (s)

110 Exercise Physiology (f/s, AHS is co-requisite)

112 Sport & Exercise Psychology (f/s, AHS is co-requisite)

118 Comm & Peer Health (no prereqs)

128 Global Impact of Physical Inactivity (f, AHS is co-requisite)

131 Sport, Religion, and Social Justice (f)


Core Curriculum Requirements

  • 4 Collegiate Seminar courses: Sem 1 (S),  Sem 2 (F),  Sem 103 (F/S), Sem 104 (F/S)
  • 3 Writing Courses: Eng 4 (F), Eng 5 (S), WID
  • 2 Theological Understanding: TRS 97, 1 upper division Theological Explorations
  • 4 Jan Term (3 UD)
  • 1 Mathematical Understanding: done in major requirements
  • 1 Scientific Understanding: Done in major requirements
  • 2 to 3 Artistic Understanding:  2 courses in Artistic Analysis and 1 in Creative Practice
  • Language Proficiency: at level III.
  • 2 Social, Historical and Cultural Understanding (SHCU): Psychology 1, one additional UD SHCU.


Core Curriculum Double and Triple Dips

Soc 4 (F/S)         SHCU, AD, TCG

Perf Arts 50 (F)  AA, CP, CE, TCG

Anth 1 (F/S)       GP, SHCU

Pol 110 (S)         CG, CE


Social Historical Understanding + American Diversity

Soc 2, Soc 4, Hist 17, 18, 132 136, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142


Creative Practice + Artistic Analysis

Art 55, 65, Art Theory 80, 180, Comm 125 (F/S), 158, Eng 25, 102, Perf Arts 14, 33, 50, 133, 181


Global Perspective Upper Division

Hist 100, 118, 151, 152, 155, 163, Justice Comm 140, Perf Arts 181, Pol 122, 143, Soc 116, 135, Span 140, 141, 161, TRS 152, 153, 154, 155, 156


Community Engagement Upper Division

Acct 178, Art Hist 188, Bus 126,129,181, Chem 119, Com 116, Econ 100, Soc 132, Edu 123, Eng 101 (0.25 credit), Eth St 150, Pol 110, 116/117, 126/127, 140, Psych 144, 157, 165, 195