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In today’s global environment an organization's capacity to not only survive, but to thrive, necessitates a new paradigm of leadership.

The Global Leadership Program

Such leadership cultivates capacities and skills in people to recreate new mindsets, systems, and processes that engage and transcend cultural boundaries and synergize the different cultures present.

"In the ever-globalizing world, we desperately need a new framework – one that is able to not only re-explain the world, but also guides our actions towards solving our most fundamental problems and challenges."  Blake Yongming Tang, Ph.D., Founder and Director, Global Leadership Institute

Saint Mary’s College of California (SMC) in the USA and the Global Leadership Institute (GLI) in Beijing China announce a Master Certificate Program in Global Leadership. This program is composed of a series of workshops specifically designed for managers, leaders, coaches, leadership educators and scholars, trainers and consultants to enhance leadership capacity in global organizations.  These two organizations bring a unique team of leadership professionals into a dynamic, personally engaging experience for participants as they learn to explore various key themes involved in developing capacity in global leadership. At the conclusion of the workshop participants will learn:

  • How to authentically engage people of different cultures.
  • How utilize cultural differences as assets toward building collaboration.
  • How to mobilize progress in cross-cultural teams on the work that matters.
  • How to measure personal effectiveness in global leadership.
  • How to engage cross-cultural differences as catalysts for personal growth and leadership development.



The program focuses on developing leadership practices that match the complexity of working in multicultural environments. Each three-day workshop is oriented around a particular system level—self, team, and organization. Each workshop can be taken by itself; all three, with the completion of an action plan in an organizational setting and a fourth integrative workshop, will lead to a Master Certificate in Global Leadership by SMC and also a Global Leadership Certificate by GLI. 

Workshop I: Self: Cultivating Leader Effectiveness

3 days in China: April 7-9 (Thursday-Saturday), 2011

Workshop II: Team:Cultivating Team Leadership Effectiveness

3 days in China: July 21-23 (Thursday-Saturday), 2011

Workshop III: Organization:Cultivating Effective Leadership in Organizations

3 days in China: September 22-24 (Thursday-Saturday), 2011

Workshop IV: Demonstrating Capacity for Global Leadership

5 days in U.S.A.: November 26-30 (Saturday-Wednesday), 2011

    * Campus learning at Saint Mary's College

    * Organizational experience at global corporations in the Silicon Valley

    * Certificate Ceremony

    * Individual Coaching (Following each workshop, participants receive an individual coaching session with an experienced coach in China)



The program will use a series of innovative and provocative delivery methods, pioneered by our program faculty, to enable participants to have a powerful experience together.

A Learning Laboratory

The workshop itself becomes a learning laboratory for multicultural group dynamics, enabling participants to experience global leadership as it takes place in the “here and now.”

Individual and Team Coaching

Coaching processes and skills are employed at both individual and team levels. On the spot coaching will enable participants to have an immediate learning-and-change experience in real time.

Action Learning

By connecting formal learning with everyday practice, action learning is employed to enhance participants' ability to transfer their learning to their home organizations toward practical, immediate, and generative results.

Peer Consulting

Participants provide consultations on leadership challenges and on leadership development plans that sustain the learning beyond the conclusion of the program.

Team Teaching

Faculty are present and work as a cross-cultural team, which provides additional learning resources for participants in developing global leadership capacity.



Admission requirements

This program is open to managers, organizational members, leadership educators and scholars, trainers, coaches, and consultants from all sectors and industries interested in enhancing their capacity in global leadership. Selection is based on professional achievement, and organizational responsibility and in order to provide a range of diverse professional and cultural experiences. There is no formal educational requirement, but fluency in reading and speaking English is required.

Application process

Participants can apply to individual workshops or to the certificate program as a whole.  The Master Certificate in Global Leadership consists of Workshops I – IV.

To apply or seek more information on the program: for applicants in China please visit: www.gliusa.net/en; email: [email protected]; or call: +86 10 5867 8611-3; or cell +86 13910968289

For all other applicants, visit: www.smcleadership.org; email: [email protected]; or call: 925 631-8692.

Early application is encouraged as qualified candidates are admitted on a rolling, space available basis. Because of the interactive nature of this program, the number of participants is limited.



The cost for each workshop is $1500 per person, covering tuition, fees, and materials.  The cost for the double certificate program (four workshops plus individual leadership coaching) to be paid in full is $6000.

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