Commencement Portraits

Dates and times for Senior Portraits will be posted here during Fall 2013

A complete portable portrait studio will be set up in the Lafayette Room of the Soda Center in March and one make-up date in April. For the men, the sitting will include poses in your own dress shirt, tie and jacket, plus poses in cap and gown.   For the women, the sitting will include poses in your own blouse, sweater or business attire, plus poses in cap and gown.  The caps and gowns will be provided for you to use at the sitting.


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You will need to register on the site in order to select an appointment time.  You can also set an appointment by calling 510-372-1500 during normal business hours. 

Please make your appointment by (DATE TBA) to ensure your desired time. 

You will be required to pay a $50 refundable deposit when you arrive at your portrait session, so remember to bring your checkbook.  This refundable deposit ensures that you will receive your proofs of your photos in the mail after your session.  If you choose not to purchase any photos, simply return all of the proofs following the provided instructions and your $50 deposit will be refunded to you.  If you choose to purchase some of the photos, the $50 deposit will be applied toward your total bill.

Available studio times will be:

  • TBA

    Should you have any questions, feel free to call Lifetouch at 510-372-1500.  You are under no obligation to purchase any portraits.  The College assumes no responsibility for the quality of the pictures.