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Map Your Road To Success If it seems impossible to figure out the direction you are headed, or what your interests are, the Career and Professional Development Services team are experienced professional career counselors who can help guide you to the perfect major, internship, or satisfying career.

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CPDS relies on a narrative approach to career planning.  In other words, how can we help the student tell their story through resume profiles, focused accomplishment statements, their “30-second speech” and impactful interviewing.  We help students develop stories around their experiences including volunteer work, internships, community engagements and other highlights that can help attract a prospective employer or graduate admissions officer.  And, before a student tackles creating a resume, we want to ensure that any activities the students have been involved in will showcase skills that prospective employers want.

To address the various phases of job search, we conduct large-scale workshops and campaigns.  Here is a sampling of our interactive presentations and ways to connect with students:

  • “Meet the Firms” resume/interview approval and practice—preparation for our signature event in collaboration with the School of Economics and Business Administration--involving 40 accounting firms in the Bay Area
  • Super Resume/Interview session to help students differentiate themselves in writing and in presenting themselves
  • LinkedIn for College Students---our own SMC alum from LinkedIn provides tips on how to make the most of using LinkedIn as a networking tool
  • “What employers want you to know about them”---the keys to researching and probing to gain insights into the employers’ mission, organizational structure, culture, management team, etc.  We also focus on developing thought-provoking questions to use in an interview
  • Senior Outreach---30-minute Career Chats
  • ACES---4-year internship programs designed to partner with organizations interested in expanding their employee populations to include more diversity—particularly underserved and underrepresented students

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