Engaged Learning Facilitators

Engaged Learning Facilitators (ELFs) serve as liaisons between faculty members teaching community engagement (CE) courses, the students enrolled in those courses, and the community partners with whom students serve. 

Course Support ELFs (3 positions, including a Senior ELF position with additional responsibilities):  These ELFs will support 3 - 5 community engagement courses per semester and also promote a culture of service and social justice education by planning and participating in CILSA events. In supporting courses ELFS will engage in some or all of these activities:

  • coordinate and conduct in-class orientations and check-ins
  • share feedback from community partners about students’ service with faculty
  • provide resources about and/or lead in-class reflections
  • help students make initial contact with partners to begin their service
  • maintain contact with students and community partners throughout the term, providing a clear channel of communication, logistical support, and problem-solving assistance
  • communicate with community partners throughout the semester about SMC students’ service-learning experiences (concerns/issues, positive feedback, etc.) and ensure that service experiences are running smoothly

All students who are committed to service and social justice and interested in working with faculty, community partners, and students are encouraged to apply.