What Our Learners Are Saying

Graduates from the M.A. in Leadership program range in age from their mid twenties to their early seventies, hailing from all sectors of the economy and representing all levels/titles of positional authority.  It is the remarkable diversity of participants who are drawn to this program that creates what graduates describe as the “secret sauce” of this transformative experience.  Testimonials are below, along with videos of some of our graduates.  If you would like to speak with a graduate who shares your background and interests, please let us know at [email protected] or (800) 621-4715.
John Fisher

"The Leadership program is truly designed to develop the highest levels of leadership in business professionals."

John Fisher, Director, Strategy and Business Development, Hewlett Packard, Global Supply Operations (M.A. in Leadership)

"I have received two promotions since graduating, and I attribute a lot of my professional success to this program.”

Erin Westfall Mettler, Program Manager II, City of Stockton Housing Department (M.A. in Leadership)


"I did a significant amount of research on various other MA/MBA programs: Pepperdine, UC Berkeley-Columbia, Santa Clara University, Golden Gate and Stanford's Sloan program. Saint Mary's Leadership has an enviable reputation with private sector companies. This is the best program for me."

Paul Ewing, Exodus Communication Inc. (M.A. in Leadership)

"The goal of this program was not to learn facts and figures and quote important theories. It was to create my own paradigm of what leadership is and be able to see what I was learning as a reference to build my own ideas. The idea of leadership is so much more than a skill to be enhanced. Leadership is a way of being, how we carry ourselves, what we do, and in every conversation we have. Leadership is in the context of our culture and in our hearts and minds. It never stops unless you quit on it."

Lee Ann Magoski, Communications Supervisor (M.A. in Leadership)

Aaron Bright

"I have received more growth and development from this MA program than four years at Stanford."

Aaron Bright, Independent Screenwriter and former Saint Mary's Basketball guard (M.A. in Leadership)

"...I literally think differently, and this has been incredibly valuable in my work."

Deborah Linden, Chief, San Luis Obispo Police Department (M.A. in Leadership)


"The systems thinking I learned in Saint Mary’s Leadership program really helps me to think broadly and long-term, and develop links and bridges between people."

Eva Klinger, Senior Development Officer at the San Jose RedevelopmentAgency (M.A. in Leadership)

"The St. Mary’s Leadership Program helped me to be the leader that I was created to be. Since I began the program and started to understand my potential, all types of opportunities to serve have become available to me. I have been promoted twice since graduation.”

Tim Pruitt, Hospital Administrator, California Medical Facility-State Prison (M.A. in Leadership)