Welcome Back

You've just returned from your semester abroad - You're missing your now home away from home but excited to be back. What to do now? Find out how you can stay connected to your semester or academic year abroad, share your experiences with prospective study abroad students, and explore the possibility of graduate school or an international career.

How to Stay Involved

- Contribute Articles. Many of you have unique experiences while abroad. Share with the SMC Community what you've learned or experienced! Check out an article from one of our students who went abroad.

7 Must-Try Cafes in Melbourne, Australia

- Be a study abroad ambassador.  The Center for International Programs is always looking for alumni to help promote SMC's study abroad programs.  Sign up to participate in informational sessions, study abroad fairs and pre-departure orientations.  Interested? Email us at [email protected]

- Join the International Club.  Become a member of a student group comprised of study abroad alumni, international students and global citizens who bring the world to Saint Mary's College through programming and events.  To join, find us on SPOT! New members are always welcome!

- Attend the Bay Area's annual "Lessons from Abroad" study abroad returnee conference.

The conference offers study abroad returnees and international students the opportunity to reflect on their recent international experiences, connect with other study abroad alumni from universities in the Bay Area, network and gather resources from professionals in internationally-focused organizations, and gain important skills for continual learning and application in their future career and academic paths. For more information or to register, go to Lessons from Abroad