Senior Alex Dabney Reaches SMC Greatness

by Dillon Valadez ‘10

February 20, 2009- Fans watching SMC Senior Alex Dabney, might see qualities reminiscent of the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil out on the field. Indeed, Dabney manages just as many spins and dexterous twist of his stick as the fictitious character.

Dabney’s skills likely derive from natural athletic ability and history of competitive lacrosse. Introduced to the game on the east coast, Alex has experience playing in the region that hails the country’s greatest champions.

In addition to being the team’s lead scorer, Alex has an immense presence on the field. His knowledge of the game, combined with athleticism and experience, radiate through the entire roster, making Alex a foundational member of the attack and team. Additionally, this senior player extends a great amount of wisdom and friendship to his teammates every year.

Over the past four years, the team has cherished Dabney’s presence. As Alex continues to lift up the team through his last year, his legacy at SMC will continue on, across time.