Waterski’s First Jive into the Season

Waterski season may have not started yet, but the club is grooving their way into a great start. On Friday night they hosted a black light dance, which created a profit of $1,800 for the club. The money from the dance will go towards the club’s travel, league expenses, equipment, and the cost of practice for the team. This season the clubs expects to get their new members involved, educated about the sport, and continue to practice to get better with team unity. This year the team is focusing on teaching the freshmen and sophomores how to run the team so they can become president and officers next school year since the original president and the founder of the team are graduating. The team has grown immensely this semester. They have a team of twenty and roughly thirteen of them are new comers to the club this year.

The team is looking forward to their first tournament on April 2-3 at Bel Acqua Lakes in Rio Linda, hosted by UC Davis.