Quiz on the Chair’s and Program Director’s Role*

Directions: Place a T or F beside each statement to indicate if you agree or disagree with the statement.²


  1. There is no Faculty Handbook requirement regarding the frequency for holding departmental or program meetings as long as meetings are held when needed.
  2. The chair must ensure that faculty members adhere to the final examination schedule.
  3. The chair has veto over departmental or program decisions.
  4. The chair must arrange for visits to adjunct faculty members’ classes but not the classes of lecturers.
  5. In the departmental R & T letter for a given candidate, there should be a discussion of the class visits made by departmental colleagues, but there is no requirement that class visitation evaluations be included in the candidate’s R & T file.
  6. For faculty members moving toward tenure, a minimum of one classroom visit per term is expected.
  7. The chairperson should visit the classes of faculty members who are being reviewed for tenure and promotion.
  8. For reasons of privacy, the chairperson should not maintain a file for faculty in his or her office.
  9. The chair is not required to discuss the departmental letter with a candidate before sending it to the R & T committee.
  10. The chair is guaranteed one course release for serving in an academic administrative role.


If you received a score of ten, you can immediately leave this orientation.
If you received a score of eight to ten, you have great potential as a chair.
If you received a score of seven or less, you should write 100 times: I must carefully read my Faculty Handbook.

*For simplicity sake, the word chair is used in this quiz, but the term is intended to include both chairs and program directors.

²The answers to the quiz are found in the italicized section of the next handout entitled Role of Chair.