Saint Mary's Signs California Energy Pledge

In 2004-05, the College spent $2.7 million on utilities (water, gas, and electricity). The College anticipates that increasing natural gas prices in 2005-06 will put its utility costs over $3 million. In September, 2005, Peter Michell, Saint Mary's College Vice President for Finance, signed the following document committing the College to reducing its energy use.

California’s Energy Pledge

WHEREAS: energy efficiency saves money and is an environmentally sustainable means of enhancing energy reliability and economic prosperity in California; and

WHEREAS: extended stretches of extremely hot weather, droughts, or transmission difficulties can cause energy shortages with resulting disruptions in business; now

THEREFORE: be it resolved;

  • Energy Efficiency: We will make our best efforts to help the State of California achieve the goal of reducing energy use in non-residential buildings 20 percent by 2015 (as called for in the Governor’s Green Building Action Plan) through cost-effective measures that increase energy efficiency in our facilities.
  • Conservation and load shifting: We will explore enrolling in demand response programs available through our utility. When electricity supplies are tight, we will voluntarily reduce demand when we hear a Flex Your Power NOW! alert. We will participate in the Independent System Operator’s (ISO) Voluntary Load Reduction program to further reduce energy use when a Stage One condition is called.
  • Public Awareness: We will educate our employees on how to save energy at work and/or home. We are hopeful that our commitment will encourage other leaders to take comparable steps to ensure reliable, affordable energy and support the economic health of our region and California. You are authorized to use my organization’s name as a supporter in promoting this important initiative.

Last Updated: September 16, 2006