Campus of Difference

How we can live out our mission of inclusion and respect for all persons?

The Campus of Difference workshop is a day designed to create community among faculty and staff and to begin conversations about what it means to be a diverse community. This workshop is required for all faculty and staff, at least once every three years.

This is a highly interactive (no lecturing!) day with lots of time to talk with other faculty and staff from across campus that you probably don't know. You will also come away with a resource book for future reference!

The workshop is always held on campus and runs from 9 am-4 pm, with lunch and morning and afternoon snacks provided. There is always a vegetarian option provided but if any other special dietary requests are needed, please indicate that when you sign up. The dates for the current term are on the registration page.

Please click here to register.

There are also regular follow-up activities to the Campus of Difference workshops and the titles and dates of those are sent out regularly by email to the faculty and staff list-serves. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator or presenter for any of the follow-up activities, please email Mary McCall. If you have any questions, you can also contact Mary by email or phone - x8017.

"May no one who enters this campus each day be excluded from our respect and reverence."
        From Brother Dom's prayer at the Staff Breakfast, 2010