Alumni Spotlight: Mike Clothier

Full Name:Michael Clothier

Grad Year: 2006

Occupation:Co-founder of VetEdge, providing financial analysis and profitability recommendations for veterinary clinics.


Favorite SMC course or topic: Economics

Favorite SMC experience/ moment:The entired shared experience of hard work, fun, support and accomplishments.

What's on my iPod now: Sipho Gumede (South African jazz

)What book I'm reading now: The Outliers and Labrador Retrievers for Dummies!

Recent business trip: None

Recent personal trip: Paris in May...awesome, can't wait to go back (when the ecnomy gets back from vacation!)

A typical weekend: Saturday: Take Ben, our black lab to the dog park. Work out (run, weights, squash) at Oakwood in Lafayette. Enjoy the yard, dinner at Metro or Postino in Lafayette. Maybe enjoy some USC football, Gaels basketball, Gaels rugby. Sunday: relax, cook a great dinner with Kate.

Favorite Quote: "A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination." - Nelson Mandela

If I won $10M, I would... Fund VetEdge's future foundation to provide health care to the pets of those elderly folks in need. I would also love to explore a business incubator endorsed and supported by SMC.

My SMC MBA:Rekindled my passion for learning! It showed me how we can all change and grow as it enabled me to move from a very technical-focused job at Yahoo! to a 100% people-focused job, and subsequently to my own start-up. My MBA brought me into contact with so manysmart and caring professors and classmates. Most importantly, I met my business partner at SMC. We are well on our way with our new company and will provide much fodder for a future business case study (the good kind!).

Updated January 2009...