Alumni Spotlight: JP McDermott

Full Name:James P. McDermott

Grad Year: 1990

Occupation:Insurance and Financial Advisor

Company:Mass Mutual Financial Group

Favorite SMC course or topic: Management Communications with Barry Eckhouse

Favorite SMC experience/ moment:The day I graduated!

What's on my iPod now: River - The Jonie Letters - Herbie Hancock, soundtrack to Mel Brooks "The Producers"

What book I'm reading now: The Plus Factor - Norman Vincent Peale

Recent business trip: San Diego

Recent personal trip: Del Mar (watched the whales, went surfing!)

A typical weekend: Bike ride, rent a movie or two, read and listen to music, relax.

Favorite Quote: "Are you going to have a great day today or do you have other plans?"

If I won $10M, I would... Be a very popular guy with my favorite non-profits and charities.

My SMC MBA:Gave me the self confidence to lead, discover my passions regarding helping people develop their potential, and now to give back and share my experience with others.

Updated January 2009...