Nominations Due for the 2014-15 Professor of the Year

It is time to solicit letters of nomination for the individual we should honor as our next Professor-of-the-Year for 2014-15. In your letter, please be as specific as possible about the particular distinguished accomplishments that characterize your nominee as a teacher and/or scholar. Nominations must be received by Gloria Janas in the Office of Academic Affairs NO LATER THAN Friday, April 11, 2014. Email Gloria at

The Saint Mary's College Professor-of-the-Year Award honors an outstanding, full-time member of the Saint Mary’s College faculty. Tenured faculty currently on reduced services are also eligible. The purpose of the Award is to recognize distinguished achievement in teaching and/or scholarship by a faculty member of the College. The recipient receives an honorarium and delivers a formal presentation on a subject of his/her choosing before the faculty and invited guests at a reception.

Each year the Provost invites all members of the faculty and staff to submit nominations, along with supporting materials, for the award. Nominations and supporting materials from the previous two years may be carried over at the request of the original nominator(s). All nominations from the faculty are considered by a nominating committee composed of the members of the Rank and Tenure Committee, the Chair of the Academic Senate, the Academic Deans and chaired by the Provost. This group screens all names submitted by the general faculty and selects valid nominations. From the entire list of nominees, the group selects a final choice by secret ballot, accomplished by a simple majority of the votes cast. The name of the selected person is then transmitted to the Provost, who makes the formal announcement.

The winner of the award becomes eligible for re-nomination after five years. The honorarium attached to this award will be no less than $5,000; increases in this award will be recommended by the Committee on Faculty Development and Research and approved by the Provost.