NPR, San Francisco Chronicle, and Boston Globe Review Lysley Tenorio's Book, Monstress

Recently published by Harper Collins, Saint Mary's English Professor Lysley Tenorio’s new book "Monstress," has garnered widespread acclaim. In 'Monstress': The Beautiful And The Damned, NPR reviewer Alex Chee called the new book "the debut of a singular talent." NPR’s glowing praise of Tenorio's engaging set of short stories which reflect Filipino-American history, humor and cross-cultural angst, is also echoed in “ 'Monstress' by Lysley Tenorio," a Boston Globe review, which among other superlatives, refers to it as a “compassionate and entertaining new collection.” 

The San Francisco Chronicle's "'Monstress,' by Lysley Tenorio: review" offered more deserved praise, "When you read a lot of contemporary fiction, you become hard to satisfy. You crave something new and original, but you also want a narrative command typical of more experienced authors. "Monstress" fulfills both needs."

Tenorio is currently on a book tour to promote his new work and will hold several readings in the Bay Area.
Date of Mention: 
Thursday, February 2, 2012