Oakland Tribune Publishes Op-Ed by Professor Steve Sloane on Rethinking U.S. Afghanistan Policy

The Oakland Tribune featured an Op-Ed by Politics Professor Stephen Sloane about the need to rethink U.S.military policy in Afghanistan in the wake of the elimination of Osama bin Laden. In the newspaper's Sunday Viewpoint feature, Sloane suggests U.S. foreign policy and military strategists look to previous successful resolutions to seemingly "lose-lose" scenarios - such as developing a war-prevention strategy of deterrence in response to the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the Soviet Union and China and redefining the Cuban Missile Crisis in terms of negotiation and diplomacy - as examples of how the United States might apply new thinking to the problem of prolonged military involvement in Afghanistan.

Read Steve Sloane's opinion piece " Time for the U.S. to redefine the Afghanistan problem" in the Oakland Tribune.