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Once you submit, the Office of College Communications will review your request and determine if we can take it on after considering the scope and timeline of your project request. Please note: Projects don't start until after we receive complete content, not upon submission of this form. Projects have a minimum lead time of 6-8 weeks. 

Upon acceptance of your project, we’ll send you a confirmation and schedule a kickoff meeting if necessary.

In the case that we are not able to take on your project, we can make resource recommendations for you.

For specific questions about projects, please email Virginia Federas at

Who should we contact should you not be available?
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Be as specific as possible in describing the desired goal of your project. In other words, if your project is successful, what will happen?
Specifically, who are you trying to reach?
Be as specific as possible. “General awareness” is not a measurable goal. How will we determine that the project met your goal with the targeted audience?
Do you have a budget that you're working with?
Specifically, what is the optimal date of when the audience gets informed or receives the message? Communications reserves the right to adjust desired due dates for last-minute requests and current production schedules.
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