Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office and what does it do?

The Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations is part of the Advancement Office.  Our responsibilities include planning, preparing, and submitting institutional grants, and helping faculty and staff to seek external funding for their projects. As the content experts, you are responsible for writing grant proposals with our assistance.

Can I submit a grant request on my own?

All grant requests to foundations and corporations must be handled through the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office. The support we provide can be crucial to your success as a grantseeker, and also to the success of the Mission of the College. When you are ready to prepare a proposal, complete, and route the Intent to Apply Form.

What types of support does the Corporate and Foundation Relations office offer and to whom?

We are happy to help Saint Mary's faculty and staff secure external funding. Here is some of what we do:

  • Maintain and promote relationships on behalf of the College and its faculty with external funders.
  • Help avoid potential conflicts or multiple proposals being prepared for a particular funder.
  • Help you calendar the tasks required to secure a grant.
  • Assist with proposal development including budgets.
  • Identify matching requirements.
  • Proofread, edit, and give feedback on draft proposals.
  • Provide Saint Mary's information required for your proposal.
  • Manage the internal approval process for your proposal.
  • Ensure that the required proposal and budget are complete prior to submission.
  • Submit proposals electronically on behalf of the College and its faculty and staff.

When do I contact the Corporate and Foundation Relations office?

As soon as you begin to consider developing a proposal. Feel free to contact us early in the process. We can help steer you through the process to avoid delays, duplications, and omissions.

Where do I find Saint Mary's statistics that are required for my proposal?

The Saint Mary's Fact Book provides a wealth of information you may need.