Grants Policies and Processes

Academic Administrative Protocols Posted on the Provost’s Website

1.2. Memorandum of Understanding: Indirect Cost Recovery
2.2.1. Reassigned Time Awards
2.2.7. Tenure-track Faculty Workload Calculations for Federal Grant Submissions
2.2.8. Adjunct Faculty Workload Calculations on Federal Grant Submissions
2.2.9. Non-salary Reimbursement Rates for Faculty on Grant Submissions
2.2.10. Eligibility to Serve as a Primary Investigator on an Externally Funded Grant

Grants Policies and Processes
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Saint Mary’s Sponsored Project vs. Charitable Contribution Definition

Format of funding request

On the agency's forms, specified; submitted using the agency's electronic research administration portal.

Varies according to funder: standard proposal, submission on funder's forms, letter, or verbal request


Exchange transaction: there is a reciprocal transfer in which each party receives and sacrifices something of approximately equal value, i.e. revenues from contracts and grants

Contribution: a donor provides resources with no expectation to receive equal value in return


Usually reporting requirements or restrictions on how the money can be spent are included; progress reports or performance objectives, usually terms and conditions for the disposition of tangible or intangible properties (e.g. hardware, data, or intellectual property)

Terms of contribution may include reporting requirements and restrictions on how money can be spent; progress reports or performance objectives

Payment of agreement or contribution

Fiduciary responsibility or payment contingencies; unused funds have to be returned to the agency, foundation, or corporation. Exception: cost-reimbursable contract

Funds may be received up front or on a pledge-payment basis. Funds for some charitable contributions may be revocable at the end of the period

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs (also called "facilities and administrative costs") usually allowed; sometimes a ceiling is specified

Rarely Allowed

Statement of work

Yes, scholarly terms or a statement of work is included

Statement of work, if made, is part of standard proposal.

Responsible department

Office of Research for pre-award; Business Office for post-award



Authorized Organizational Representative

Director, Office of Research, upon approval of VP Finance and Administration or VP's designee

VP Advancement or designee


Authorized signatory

VP Finance and Administration; President

VP Advancement or designee; VP Finance and Administration; President