As Principal Investigator/Project Director, what is my role once a grant is awarded?

The PI or Project Director is responsible for all aspects of conducting the funded project, including:

  • Notify the Business Office and Office of Research of any grant award communications, and share any documents received for review and acceptance.
  • Submit any funds received by the Business Office.
  • Collaborate with the Office of Research and Business Office in negotiating and accepting the award.
  • Review and comply with grant terms and conditions.
  • Implement the project as defined in the award documents.
  • Work through the Business Office to make any changes in the grant budget or project scope.
  • Maintain narrative and financial records of project activities and manage data for reports.
  • Prepare and submit all required narrative and technical reports to the funder on time.
  • Forward copies of all reports plus any grant-related correspondence to the Office of Research and the Business Office.
  • For any communications related to the proposal and negotiation, contact the Office of Research with questions.  Once the grant project is underway your primary contact will be the Business Office.  


How does the Business Office support grant-funded projects?
The Business Office is responsible for the managing financial and contractual elements of the award. The office follows standard accounting practices and adheres strictly to all college policies and federal regulations. The Business Office will:

  • Set up all grants in the accounting system.
  • Advise faculty about the budget administration.
  • Prepare financial reports.
  • Request reimbursement from funders for grant-funded expenses.
  • Authorize changes to approved budgets or other grant terms, as allowed by funder policy.
  • Certify compliance with all grant-related federal regulations.
  • Officially close out grants at termination.
  • Primary staff:  Grant Accountant (Mary Crockett)
  • Note:  Please work with the Grant Accountant to process expenditures charged to the grant, updated award documents and materials, and required reports


How does the Office of Research support my grant-funded project?
The Office of Research negotiates the final award with the funder and in collaboration with the PI and Business Office.  The Office also supports the ongoing relationship between the college and the funder.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Notify the Business Office that an award has been made, and collaborate with the Business Office and PI to negotiate terms and conditions of the final award.
  • Lead the transition process from the pre-award to the post-award phase.  This includes advising the PI regarding grant terms and conditions.
  • Collaborate with the PI to publicize the grant award.
  • Track grant products/outcomes for sharing with funders, Saint Mary’s leadership, board, and the external community.
  • As requested by the PI or Business Office, collaborate to address non-financial post-award management issues such as requests for no-cost extensions,  budget changes, supplemental funding; and notifying funders of unusual situations, such as absence of the PI.
  • Primary staff:  Director, Office of Research (Elizabeth Gallagher)
  • Note:  Please copy the Office of Research on all communications with the funder after the award.  Send copies of reports as well as public recognition of the grant and its products.