Garaventa 140 (HyFlex Installation)

Classroom Resources
Technology training is available for faculty, staff and students;
contact ITS Help Desk:  925-631-4266 or visit your nearest tech bar.
Housekeeping & climate control concerns; contact Facilities Services: 925-631-4286
Scheduling concerns; contact Scheduling & Special Events:  925-631-4322
Classroom Furnishings:
19 rolling tables, 40 rolling chairs
2 Digital whiteboards, 4 whiteboards,2 Touch Compatible TVs 

Dual 4K-86 inch TV/ Touch Compatiablity

Extron Touch Panel  (Controls)

Laptop Connection: HDMI, USB

Adapters upon request


2 Video Cameras (Teacher and Classroom Views; with Auto Tracking of Speaker)

Document Camera


Wireless Display Mirroring: AirTame (Airplay/Google Cast Compatiblity)


CD Player (use DVD Player)

Amplified Audio from all Sources

Shure Array Microphone


Dell Windows 10 PC, w/Dual Monitor for Enhanced Zoom Features

Zoom Room PC, Windows 10 (Zoom Compatible) 

Number of Computers:

1 Teacher Workstation

1 Zoom Workstation

Installed Software:

Windows 10
Office 2010 pro plus 32 bit
Word, Excel QM 4.1, PowerPoint,
Publisher, Access
Web Browsers:
Firefox Version 48.0, Chrome 52.0.2743
Microsoft Project - 32bit
Visio Premium 2010 - 32 bit
Second Life Version 3
Carol Yacht's General Ledger
PHStat 2

QuickBooks 2007
Google Earth Version 7
iTunes Version 11
Adobe Flash Active X 22,
Adobe Flash NPAPI 22,
Adobe Reader 11.0.10,
Shockwave player 12.2,
Java 8.101, SPSS 24,
Silverlight 5.1.41212,
MYSTAT 12.2,
VLC 2.2.2