Institutional Policies and Scheduling Guidelines

Facilities Scheduling Policy

Academic use takes precedence over all other uses of any campus space, this includes areas traditionally used for academic purposes (classrooms) as well as larger multi-purpose spaces.  

The Tiered System of Scheduling - Managing Our Calendar

The tiered system is designed to give priority to our core mission-related events, to provide a structure to aid event planning and to reduce scheduling conflicts.  Learn more about the Tiered System of Scheduling.

The Tiered System of Scheduling Priority matrix:

Members of the Saint Mary's College Community

All College event spaces and outdoor facilities are generally available to all segments of the campus community for College related uses. At times, the College also rents its facilities to outside organizations and groups.

Members of the Saint Mary’s College community, scheduling or planning an event in any College facility or outdoor space must use the approriate request form.  

External Guests of Saint Mary's College

If you are a guest of Saint Mary's College and would like to reserve conference space on our campus, please contact Meetings, Events, and Conference Services

Campus Visit Guidelines

Groups wishing to visit campus (children in K-8 grades) will need to schedule their visit a month in advance with the Scheduling & Special Events office. If your group is coming to visit the campus, the College requires:

  1. Insurance in the amount of one million dollars listing Saint Mary's College as "additionally insured"
  2. Submissions of the Campus Visit Expectation form.

For more information please contact our office at (925) 631-4322 or (925) 631-8804.