The Tiered System

The tiered system is a planning tool designed to give priority to our core mission-related events, to provide a structure to aid event planning and to reduce scheduling conflicts.  The tiered process begins in January of the proceeding year and extends until the end of March.  Scheduling for 2017-18 begins in January of 2017 and is completed  at the end of March 2017.  Events requested outside of this process are scheduled as space and resources allow. Commencement Weekend is the only time when no other events are scheduled on campus.

I. Tier 1 Events (College Events/Institution wide):  January submissions.

Events defined by the College as fundamental to the core mission and function of the College. The main focus of these events is specifically designed to benefit the immediate college community as a whole and must include one of the following criteria: Institutional events; official commencement ceremonies and related activities,  Admissions related events including, Saturday at SMC, Nightingaels overnights,  Retention events including, New Student & Family Program events; Orientation and Parent & Family Weekend. Advancement/Development related events including Reunion. President’s Office and Provost Office's major events, and shared mission events. (Offices are encouraged to request dates 3-5 years out). 

II. Tier 2 Events (College Events/Sponsored Events): February submissions
The tier gives prior to academic events (group A) followed group B events. 

Group A events are those events explicitly tied to a students' fulfillment of an academic course or program. Examples include: Performing Arts performances, the Distinguished Speaker Series (KSOE), the Executive Speaker Series (SEBA), academic conferences and career services events.   

Group B is any event planned by members of the campus community that is essential to the function or operation of any department or student organization that is: 1) large in size (at least 100 attendees), 2) events in which the public are invited.  Examples include: Student socials, cultural nights, athletic team banquets/fundraisers.

III. Tier 3 Events (College Events/Meetings): March submissions

Events held by faculty, staff, or students primarily for members of the campus community.  This includes programs coordinated by faculty specifically as part of the academic courses held during the academic year, institutional and departmental meetings, Associated student senate meetings.  

IV. Tier 4 Events (External Organizations and Groups): please visit Meetings, Events, and Conference Services for more detailed information.

Tiered system and associated documents approved by President's Cabinet (April 2009), updated September 2015, revised June 2016.