Faculty & Staff Opportunities

Faculty & Staff Opportunities Faculty & Staff Opportunities

Many opportunities are available to faculty and staff, ranging from informal gatherings such as Soup and Substance luncheons to workshops and institutes such as the Lasallian Leadership Institute, the Buttimer Institute and the Lasallian Social Justice Institute. Immersion in our Lasallian tradition gives SMC faculty and staff opportunities to grow personally, professionally and spiritually.  

The spirit of Saint John Baptist de La Salle informs the experiences of not only our students but also our faculty and staff. We provide resources and programs to help you make the mission and traditions of Saint Mary's College an essential and enriching part of your work here. In return, your decisions and actions form a critical part of the College's mission and help us move forward in the true spirit of Lasallian education.

Many Mission Education programs are available to you during the summer of 2017. Please review the following institutes, immersions, retreat, and colloquy. Each offering is created and delivered by a different institution with the duration of each varying from three days to a month. The majority of mission education experiences are designed for both staff and faculty. You are invited to consider applying for a program that interests you


The Lasallian Social Justice Institute (LSJI)

The Lasallian Social Justice Institute (LSJI) will tackle the important issue of immigration with its 2017 summer program. LSJI, a program of the Office for Lasallian Education at Christian Brothers Conference, is partnering with the District of San Francisco New Orleans (SFNO) for this year’s program, El Otro Lado: Guides in the Encounter. El Otro Lado is an immersion/professional development program for educators and is based on a popular program for students offered in SFNO. This LSJI experience is for educators who are interested in becoming guides in the encounter between their students and the migrant community. The program will combine immigration immersion experiences with professional development focused on advocacy practices and resources. It will address the Lasallian commitment to association for the educational service with the poor and the Rights of the Child.

Location: El Paso, Texas and Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

Dates: TBA

Vandhu Paaru “Come and See”  :  Serving the Lasallian mission beyond our own borders

An International Immersion Program for Lasallian Educators with sites including India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar

These immersion experiences offer participants one of the most profound means of Lasallian formation available, through direct work with the poor in the spirit of the Lasallian tradition. Faculty and staff live with the Brothers and offer fundamental services such as teaching English and offering assistance in building schools.

Application deadline TBA

Locations: India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar

Dates: TBA

The Buttimer Institute

The Buttimer Institute for Lasallian Studies, offered by the Office of Lasallian Education at Christian Brothers Conference,  is a residential program offered for two weeks for three years. Topics of study include: The Founding Story; De La Salle’s Educational Vision; and De La Salle’s Spiritual Vision. Lasallian educators come from regional and international works: universities, secondary schools, San Miguel middle schools, as well as from educational institutions serving court adjudicate youth.

Location: Manhattan College (including residence hall living)

Dates: June 26 - July 9, 2021

Engaging with the Lasallian World: A Mini "Buttimer Insitute" for SMC

This three-day institute will animate Goal 3 of the Strategic Plan: From De La Salle to Lasallian. Day One explores the History and Life of De La Salle; Day Two explores Lasallian Pedagogy, yesterday and today; Day Three explores Lasallian Spirituality that has endured over 330 years. Content will include lectures, readings, discussions, videos, meditations, prayers, and meals.

Anticipated Outcomes: stronger community with colleagues, deeper personal connection with the Lasallian heritage that may change how you experience your work, the way you teach, the way you relate to one another and to our students.

Facilitators: Mini Buttimer presenters will be Brother Michael Meister, Dr. Greg Kopra, and Charlie Legendre, along with our own Br. Camillus Chavez

Sponsored by the Office of Mission

Location: Saint Mary’s College  8 am - 5 pm with a closing social

Dates:  June 8-10, 2021


  • Stronger community with colleagues
  • Deeper connection with the Lasallian heritage that may change how you experience your work, the way you teach and and the way you relate to one another and to our students - we are all Lasallian Educators

Faculty-Only Opportunities

International Lasalilian University Leadership Program (ILULP)

The International Lasallian Leadership Program, which occurs every summer at Casa La Salle in Rome, is an intensive two-week immersion program for faculty leaders from around the globe concentrating on Lasallian history and Catholic spirituality. IALU institutions are invited to send teams of 3 faculty members who, after completing the program, will serve as on-campus catalysts to foster Lasallian charism and Catholic identity within our institutions. Participants form a dynamic community of learners who will receive instruction in the Lasallian heritage, participate in daily prayers and spiritual direction, visit significant historic sites, examine core Institute documents, and commit to a project which advances their school's Lasallian mission.

This program has been developed in response to the needs of higher education faculty and to the call from the International Institute for tertiary education to become involved in researching the effects of new forms of poverty—poverty resulting from global emigration, immigration, war, disease and family disintegration—on the students we teach, and the implications for Lasallian educators. With simultaneous bilingual translations in English and Spanish, multinational participants will hail from many different Lasallian institutions around the globe. The rich international nature of is formation program will strengthen the quality of exchange among participants.

Location: Casa La Salle, Generalate of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Rome, Italy

Dates: TBA


The Annual Colloquy Collegium engages faculty from all traditions to discover how they can make a particular contribution to their institution's identity that respects and explores Catholicism's traditions and goals, while also respecting and taking advantage of their own religious perspectives and talents. Read how some participants are "taking the conversation home" and extending their Collegium experience.

Collegium's membership represents 65 Catholic colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. Member colleges pay annual dues to support the program.

Location: The 2021 Colloquy will be held at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, June 18-25, 2021.


Administrators-Only Opportunity


Institute for Administrators in Catholic Higher Education (IACHE) at Boston College

Each July, the Institute for Administrators in Catholic Higher Education hosts a four-day seminar providing a singular opportunity for administrators and leaders at Catholic colleges and universities around the globe to interact with some of the nation’s most outstanding scholars and practitioners as they address issues that Catholic higher education faces on a daily basis. A sample of issues the seminar strives to address is:

*What does it mean to be a Catholic college or university in the 21st century? *How do we animate a Catholic campus culture? *What role does the Catholic intellectual tradition play to inform curriculum and intellectual life? *What defines the nature of the relationships and the appropriate practices between institutions of Catholic higher education and the Church? *What are the implications of increased lay leadership in Catholic colleges and universities? *How does Catholic social and moral teaching inform campus culture, policies, and curriculum? *How do we assess the mission?

The seminar is designed to serve administrative leaders such as presidents, provosts, vice-presidents, deans, mission officers, major program directors, and others in positions responsible for institutional mission and identity.

Dates: TBA

All are encouraged and welcome to apply. Please note that registration deadlines come as early as March 1.

For more information, if you are interested in one of these programs, please contact the following resource: for Vandhu Paaru go to the SFNO District website at www.delasalle.org; for Buttimer or LSJI, go to the Christian Brothers Conference website at http://lasallian.info/programs-events; for the Mini-Buttimer, contact sjamison@stmarys-ca.edu;  IALU Rome and IACHE Boston College, contact cswain@stmarys-ca.edu.

If you wish to participate in any of the above offerings, please contact Sally Jamison sjamison@stmarys-ca.edu for more information about the application process, payment and supervisor support. Saint Mary’s College in collaboration with the District of San Francisco New Orleans and the Region of North America will cover all costs of participation.