Current Residential Staff

In each of our halls we have student and professional staff who are there to lead the residential community. Resident Advisors are students who have been trained to develop the community and create a safe and welcoming environment for all students. Resident Directors are faculty, staff and Christian Brothers who live in the community and serve as resources for their residents. Below is a complete list of Resident Directors and Resident Advisors.


Bldg. / Floor

Resident Director

Resident Advisor


Ferdinand & Camille Ageno, 1st

Ferdinand & Camille Ageno, 2nd

Jennifer Herzog

Gabrielle Aguerre

Samantha Mae Flores


Marjorie David Ageno, 1st

Marjorie David Ageno, 2nd

Calvin Monroe

Andrea Diaz-Garcia


Michael Ageno, 1st

Michael Ageno, 2nd

Br. Glenn Bolton

Boston Lutfi

Jeff Ruster


Claeys North, 1st

Claeys North, 2nd

Br. Thomas Jones

Zahra Ahmed (Resident Mentor)

Marko Danial

Flona Gorgis


Claeys South, 1st

Claeys South, 2nd

Br. Charles Hilken

Melissa Banuelos

Maya Chacon


Becket Hall

More Hall

Samantha Alberto 

Kulia Osborne





Bldg. / Floor

Resident Director

Resident Advisor

Central Campus

Aquinas, 1st

Aquinas, 2nd

Aquinas, 3rd & 4th

Kami Gray

Fr. Tom McElligott

Sabrina Hamor

Ellie Dawson

Mariam Samara


Assumption Hall, 1st

Assumption Hall, 2nd

Makenzie O'Neil

Joseph Garrett

Lucy Giron


Augustine, 1st

Augustine, 2nd

Augustine, 3rd & 4th

Scott Logan

Satbir Malhi

Maile Shelley


Kyle Thomas

John Brittingham

Maya Patel



De La Salle, 2nd 

De La Salle 3rd & 4th 

Phillip Goodwin

Mark Brunetti

Trinity Boykin


Justin Hall

           Cesar Ramos   

Thomas Latz



Bldg. / Floor

Resident Director

Resident Advisor


Ageno West

Br. Chris Brady

Brandon Dela Cruz


Ageno East

Evette Castillo Clark

Jennifer Sherborne



Jim Sciuto

Myla Love



    Amaury Avalos  

Anahi Torres


Guerrieri West

    Anne Carpenter

Julianna Davis


Guerrieri East

Jim Sciuto

Alyssa Wilson



Samantha Alberto

Br. Michael Murphy (Resident Mentor)

Shilei Bell-Lipsey



Makenna Messina

Julia Oliveira