2012 National Finalist


When we were young
My sister and I played in fields of clover
Wove clover blossom chains for each other
And picked dandelions to make wishes

We climbed up the
Ivy covered sycamore tree
Searching for
The occasional doe in the brush

Walking through the woods
Our pockets soon bulged with acorns
And our faces became
Sticky with blackberry juice

But today’s children
Will not have these memories
For when words are no longer present in dictionaries
How long will it be before they are not present in our lives?

Kate Sundberg, age 14
Sarasota, Florida
Brooker Middle School
Teacher: Joanna Fox

*This poem was inspired by the announcement in 2009 that the Oxford Junior Dictionary was removing words related to “old nature,” like lavender, fungus, heron and willow, from new editions in order to make room for modern terms like blog, voicemail, celebrity, chatroom and bungee jumping.

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