Perceptions in Art and Science: Different Faces Same Truth

Saturday, November 5 through Sunday, December 18

This exhibit features dozens of visually arresting images -- images created with the aid of math and science. Each visitor will see something different depending on whether they approach the images from a scientific or artistic perspective. For the artist, they are beautiful abstract compositions that could be found in any contemporary gallery. For the scientist they are information-packed glimpses into the natural world, and for the mathematician they are elegant expressions of numerical equations.

All the works in this exhibit were either created by scientists and mathematicians as by-products of their investigative efforts or by artists whose works are rooted in principles of math and science.

Organized by Saint Mary's College professors and department chairpersons Gerald Capriulo, Keith Ogawa, Ronald Olowin, and Brother Raphael Patton, F.S.C., with Carrie Brewster, Hearst Art Gallery director.

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