William Wolff: Printmaker

Artistic, social and spiritual wisdom though the bold iconography of one of San Francisco's most gifted yet most humble artists.

Richly expressive color woodblocks, lithographs, etchings and drawings spanning more than sixty years of work by Wolff, who studied at the California School of Fine Arts, and received B.A. and M.A. degrees from U C Berkeley. Wolff shared a studio for many years with James Weeks and studied with Dick Graf, Gordon Cook, Max Beckmann and Rupert Garcia. He has long been associated with the artists' group founded by Charles Griffin Farr, who meet weekly to draw from models. Wolff, who was compared to William Blake and the Magical Realists by Thomas Albright, is generating admiration and attention by a new generation of printmakers. Nearly 100 images in the exhibition are from the Hearst Art Gallery collection and private and public lenders.