Supervisor Payroll Pages

General Supervisor Info:

Info for Supervisors of Student Workers:

Hiring Student Workers

If you or your department is planning on employing students, or continuing to have students employed you must review the Student Employment Payroll Checklist at least once per academic term. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to COVID-19, we understand that many departments may be continuing to operate virtually, at least temporarily.  In order to remain compliant with tax regulations, student employees must perform all work in service to the College within the State of California, including any work done remotely.

Supervising Student Workers

Students are paid on a bi-weekly cycle. Students sign and submit electronic timesheets every other Sunday on GaelXpress which must be approved by their supervisor the following Monday (see schedule). Paydays are bi-weekly, every other Friday.

If you do not see a timesheet for your student worker(s) on GaelXpress, please review the Student Employment Checklist above before contacting Payroll.