(old) Time Entry - Adjunct Faculty

Information about recording time worked in the GaelXpress Time Entry system.

7/30/21: Beginning in Fall 2021, Faculty will be migrated to GaelXpress 2.0 for time entry. see: Time Entry - Hourly Faculty Assignments

Note: due to changes in CA laws, starting in 21/JA some faculty non-teaching positions/assignments may be classified as FLSA-exempt. The process for recording time is generally the same.

Access to a computer with internet connectivity is required.

If you do not have a computer at your workstation, the Library has computers that are freely available to all Faculty, Staff and Students. Additionally, GaelXpress is compatible with common mobile devices, browsers and operating systems. If you still are unable to access a computer, please contact IT services as there are services available for those without access to technology.

Not near/on the Campus? You can access GaelXpress from anywhere with internet access and a computer such as your local library, community center or church.

Scroll down to view the Time Entry training resources, or select from the links below.