Music Juries

Welcome to the Spring 2022 Music Program Juries webpage. Music juries are your final semester assessment for your musical studies at Saint Mary's.  

SPRING 2022 Check List 

1. Get approval from your private lesson teacher for the repertoire you will perform at  juries. This needs to be done at the begininng of the semester. Your need to present two things. First, a representative technical study (for example, an etude or scale excercises). Second, you must play a solo piece of your choice with piano accompaniment unless it is written for just solo instrument (no piano). 

2. Register for juries on this webpage by May 1st:

3. Once you register for juries, we will give you access to a Google folder to upload your scores in PDF format. We must have your scores uploaded to this folder in order to adjudicate your jury. 




Instrumental Juries for Spring 2022 will take place on Friday, May 13 from 11:30am to 4:00 PM (NEW Location: LEFEVRE THEATRE). 

Vocal Juries for Spring 2022 will take place on Monday, May 9, 2022 11:05am-2pm (NEW Location: LEFEVRE THEATRE). 


Vocal Jury Schedule: updated 5/3/22
Mon. 5/9/22  
11:05 AM Emily
11:15 AM Ethan
11:25 AM Liz
11:35 AM Jessa
11:45 AM Caroline
11:55 AM Voula
12:05 PM Sophie-Anne
12:15 PM Emma
(12:25pm break)  
1:00 PM Daisy
1:10 PM Zack
1:20 PM Jessy
1:30 PM Cameron







11:30 Ian Llacer Chamberlain
11:45 Melanie Moyer
12:00 Michael Welsh
12:15 Querubin, Ariana (Piano)
12:30 Emma weyrauch
12:45 Amelia Ortiz
1:00 Sophie-Anne Wood
1:15 Anna Metkowski
1:30 Makaiya Bedford
1:45 Eden Llodrá
2:00 Sara Mameesh
2:15 Sara Karkal
2:30 Nicholas Kaye
2:45 Daisy Guzman
3:00 Cherra Alagon
3:15 Diego Pena
3:30 Michael Yu
3:45 Brent Dondalski (Piano)
4:00 Jazmine Douglas (Piano)
4:15 Jessalyn Torres
4:30 Tyler Smith
4:45 Gabriel Felix

Information for Private Instructors 

  • You will determine the specific requirements for technical juries and solo juries based on where your students are and their needs this semester. This follows our Lassallian mission to "meet our students where they are". We understand that our program serves students of various ability levels and we encourage you to plan their jury assesments accordingly. For any questions or more infomration please contact  

Information for students 

  • Please dress professionally for your juries in both your virtual technical juries and your in-person juries 
  • If you need an accompanist, please coordinate the rehearsals with your accompanist at least 2 weeks before the peformance or preferably 4 weeks before. 


For questions about juries please email Prof. Montesinos at