Theatre Scholarships

Saint Mary's offers two types of merit scholarships for artistic excellence in Theatre: Performance and Theatre Studies, and Design and Technical Theatre. Find out how you can apply!      


NEW! Travel Stipends for Scholarship Saturday

Our goal is to bring as many scholarship auditioners to Saint Mary's as possible, giving each candidate a chance to show themselves to best advantage, while experiencing our beautiful campus, meeting the faculty, and finding out more about all Saint Mary's has to offer.

  • If you live in Southern California or out of state, travel stipends are now available. To be eligible, financial need must be demonstrated.  
  • Travel stipends may be applied toward one roundtrip plane ticket. Cap amount TBD.
  • Hotel costs are not covered, but Admissions can house you overnight on campus, with a student host.

For more information, email Jenna Sciarrino, Associate Director of Admissions (


Saint Mary’s College awards up to $13,000 in tuition-remission, merit-based scholarships for demonstrated artistic excellence in one or more areas of theatre: acting, directing, playwriting, design, technical theatre and stage management. Beginning for Fall 2020 applicants: Performing Arts will also award two full-tuition scholarships. These merit­-based awards are available only to incoming first-year students, and are renewable for four years. ALL APPLICANTS WILL BE NOTIFIED OF THE SCHOLARSHIP RESULTS BY FEBRUARY 28, 2020. 

Charlotte's Web, 2015.

Theatre Program Scholarship auditions for students entering in Fall 2020 will be held on January 25th, 2020. We will accept applications through January 9th, 2020 or until all audition slots are filled. Students must apply to Saint Mary's College by January 15. We recommend meeting the early-decision deadline for college applications.

How to Prepare for your Theatre Scholarship Audition

Actors (also recommended for Directors and Playwrights)

  • Prepare two contrasting monologues, one modern/contemporary and one classical:

    • Sources for classical pieces include Shakespeare, Greek tragedies or comedies, and Moliere.
    • The two pieces may not exceed five minutes total, and should be age- and type-appropriate.
    • TIP: Your program should be fully memorized and rehearsed. You may be asked to improvise in response to specific direction.
  • Also, prepare a 90 second silent movement study.  Choose from the following menu of topics:   

    • Choose a “daily routine” – some sequence of ordinary physical actions you perform about the same every day. Now, imagine that your environment has become gigantic, ala Alice in Wonderland. Try to complete your “routine” anyway, using these giant objects. Find new steps and solutions to achieve your goal. 
    • Think of an “impossible physical action” – something it would be humanly impossible to do. Now, believe that you really can accomplish this action. Really try. Keep finding new ways to solve the problem.
    • You are a kid. One day, as you are walking your dog, an “unreal” event occurs. The event is magical or truly terrifying, or both – and it takes you on a journey. At the end, you manage to return to what you were doing at the start.  
    • TIPS: Before the audition, practice your movement study. Focus on using your body fully, and connecting with the space around you. Keep your study silent, and avoid “mimed dialogue.” We’re looking for bold choices, a strong commitment to action, expressive physicality, and a clear connection between imagination and body.
  • Interview with faculty.

Stage Managers, Technicians and Designers

  • Prepare a six-minute oral presentation describing your "behind the scenes" contribution to an actual production. Visual elements are helpful but not required.
  • Interview with faculty.

To maintain scholarship eligibility, recipients must:

  • Major or minor in theatre;
  • Be a full time student;
  • Pass all classes;
  • Maintain at least a C average;
  • Audition (performers) or crew (technicians/designers and actors not cast) for a major production each semester; and
  • Serve the production and department as model citizens.

Apply for an audition here.

Audition Applications reopened in October of 2019 for Fall of 2020 Admissions.

For further information or to schedule an audition contact Rebecca Engle, Theatre Program Director, at (925) 631-4159 or