Theatre Scholarships

Saint Mary's offers two types of merit scholarships for artistic excellence in Theatre: Performance and Theatre Studies, and Design and Technical Theatre. Find out how you can apply!      

Saint Mary’s College awards up to $13,000 in tuition-remission, merit-based scholarships for demonstrated artistic excellence in one or more areas of theatre: acting, directing, playwriting, design, technical theatre and stage management. Performing Arts will also award two full-tuition scholarships for academic excellence combined with artistic excellence. Either scholarship may be combined with financial aid to include full tuition, and room & board. These merit­-based awards are available only to incoming first-year students, and are renewable for four years.










This info will be updated by October 1, 2022: Theatre Program Scholarship auditions for students entering in Fall 2022 will be held on February 26th in-person and February 27th virtually. For in-person auditions, effective 2/7/22, any campus visitors will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test which must be administered a maximum of 72 hours prior to the event. At-home tests will not be accepted. Masks are required at all times inside campus spaces unless patrons are actively eating or drinking. 

We will accept applications through February 1st, 2022, or until all audition slots are filled. Students interested in the scholarship must apply to Saint Mary's College by January 15th, 2022. 

Due by February 1st, 2022:

  • Completed Departmental scholarship form
  • Video(s) of audition and/or tech presentation sent to Prof. Deanna Zibello at (see specific prompt below) Videos should not exceed two minutes total.
  • Letters of recommendation on Common App, preferably from Theatre directors, teachers, coaches, etc.

IF selected for an interview:

  • An in-person interview in Moraga, CA on February 26th OR a synchronous virtual interview on February 27. 
    • Actors should be ready to perform your memorized monologue or poem during the interview. You may be asked to make adjustments in response to specific direction.
    • Designers/Technicians should be ready to talk about any leadership experience you may have.
  • 2 Letters of recommendation from someone familiar with your work: a director, theatre teacher, or acting coach. Please email directly to Prof. Deanna Zibello (, unless they are already attached to your college application.

How to Prepare for your Theatre Scholarship Audition Video due Feb. 1st

Performance and Theatre Studies

Actors (also recommended for Directors and Playwrights)

Prepare two contrasting one-minute pieces:

A) A one-minute video of a contemporary monologue or poem (original or published) that reveals skills in storytelling, character, language, and physical expressivity and imagination.


B) A one-minute video of a specialty: a song, movement/dance, tik tok video, musical instrument, etc — or a combination thereof. 

The two pieces may not exceed two minutes minutes total. This is a chance to show your preparation, range, and passion. Stage at least one piece to show your physicality — how you connect body, imagination, and space.

Have fun!

TIP: Your program should be fully memorized, rehearsed, well-lit, supported with clear audio, and should not exceed the allotted time.


Designers/Technicians (Includes stage managers, carpenters, sound designers, props artisans, scenic painters, etc.)

Prepare two contrasting one-minute videos:

A) A one-minute video giving us a guided tour of something you made. For example, it could be a prop, an artwork or craft project, a costume, or a prompt book. Show and describe details that you’re proud of. Tell us about at least one technique or tool that you used in making it, and explain why you chose that technique/tool. 


B) Record a one-minute video telling us about a time you were collaborating with others and faced a challenge. How did you use your problem-solving skills to overcome it? How did you find an innovative solution? How did you honor the input of everyone involved?

Your two pieces should be about two different projects--this is an opportunity for you to show us your range and passion! The two videos together should not exceed two minutes total.

TIPS: You may include pictures, title cards, or slides. Your program should demonstrate preparation, be well-lit, and be supported with clear audio.


To maintain scholarship eligibility, recipients must:

  • Major or minor in theatre
  • Be a full time student
  • Pass all their classes
  • Maintain a C average or better
  • Audition (performers) or crew (technicians/designers and actors not cast) for a major production each semester; and
  • Serve the production and department as exemplary citizens.

Apply for an audition here.

For further information or to schedule an audition, contact Deanna Zibello, Theatre Program Director, at