Personal Branding For Dummies

Susan Chritton M.Ed. ’92How important is creating a personal brand in today’s competitive job market? Just ask Susan Chritton M.Ed. ’92, an executive coach and certified master personal brand strategist.

“Your personal brand is the legacy you leave and, more than anything, how people remember you,” said Chritton, the author of  Personal Branding for Dummies. “Personal branding really is reconnecting with that awesome part of who you are.”

Of course, branding isn’t really for dummies—it’s for all of us. At Saint Mary’s annual “Dine With Alums” mentoring event, students and alumni alike learned from Chritton about how to establish a strong personal brand.

They also heard about an opportunity to join the new Gael Mentors Network, a collaboration with EdgeOnCollege that will
allow students to connect online with professional and experienced SMC alumni to get a head start in preparing for their careers.

Chritton said that when people really take a deep look at themselves, their personal brand and image begins to take shape. “Think about what makes you different, what are your differentiators from other people.”

She likes to refer jokingly to these differentiators as your “Freak Factor.” Proudly proclaiming her “Freak Factor” to be her red Vespa scooter, Chritton said we all have something that makes us stand out, and we need to use this quality to our advantage.

She left her audience with these parting words of wisdom: “If you build your brand on your strengths, you will be extraordinary.”

Dan Murphy ’13

To learn more about Dine With Alums or the Gael Mentors Network, contact the Career Center: or (925) 631-4600

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