Peter Senge in Conversation: Necessary Learning for Systemic Change

Date & Time:
Monday, April 20, 2015 - 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Soda Activity Center: Moraga Room, 1928 St. Marys Road, Moraga, CA 94575
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This exciting public event will mark the first time renowned author, systems thinker and “Strategist of the Century” Peter Senge has visited Saint Mary's College of California.  Please join us for an exploration of systems thinking, collaboration, innovation and questions like, “What kind of learning is necessary to foster and sustain meaningful change in organizations and systems?”  As a way to provide a common text for the event, please review the article “The Dawn of Systemic Leadership” (Senge, Hamilton & Kania, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2015).

The main event will model a City Arts and Lectures format. Perry will have a conversational interview with Senge for approximately 40 minutes. She will prepare questions and conversation topics that will invite Senge to share his views on change, leadership, and how these things are evident in various contexts, such as education, government, business, and social change.

The event is hosted by Saint Mary’s Leadership Studies Programs and De La Salle Week, and co-sponsored by the School of Economics and Business Administration; the Justice, Community & Leadership Program; and the Kalmanovitz School of Education.