Pi Day: A "Rich" Tradition at Saint Mary's College

The Mathematics Department at Saint Mary’s College takes Pi Day very seriously. Each year Pi Day is celebrated on the Campus Green, with mathematical quizzes, Pi Sudoku, the competitive recitation of Pi, and this year, some students even went so far as to write Pi-Ku!  Last, but not least, there is the eating of Pi(e) – apple, chocolate, pecan, etc.; but, only AFTER the Math professors are properly Pi’ed! 

Chris Jones, Chair of Math --      Properly Pi'ed! Photos of 3-14-14 Pi Day

Chris Jones (Chair of the Math Department) reported this year's competition winners:

For the fourth straight year - Robby Tabor won the Pi recitation, with about 60 decimal places!

For the first time - we had a multilingual Pi recitation, with Andrea Vaca-Rodriguez and Caly Bai taking part in Spanish and Chinese respectively (Chris was not actually sure if it was Cantonese or Mandarin!).

Other winners - Delton Phan for a Pi-ku (3-1-4 syllables), Chase Feldman for getting the closest estimation of Pi from walking around the large circle on the lawn, and Matthew Dami for getting the best estimation from Buffon's needles, a game that involves dropping toothpicks onto a lined piece of paper and counting how many landed on lines.  Senior math majors Brandy Cho and Alex Choy organized the whole event.



Here is Delton's Pi-Ku Philosophy:

(Instead of the 5-7-5 syllable count, it is 3-1– 4):

   Circle is
   Beyond the Pi

Let’s not forget . . . Happy Birthday Albert Einstein, who would have enjoyed a slice of Birthday Pi(e)!

To learn more about the Official Pi Day Holiday. . . click here: